12th Grade

   Senior year!!!  12th Grade is all about preparing for the next step in life after high school.  Whether the student is interested in employment, college or the military, steps need to be taken throughout the year to get ready.  Those that avoid can miss out on opportunities.

  Students and parents should have regular contact with the Guidance Counselor to work together in this process.  Monthly newsletters (See links to download below)  are mailed home to parents and distributed to students in school so everyone is aware of important activities, dates and deadlines.

WHY CONTINUE TO TAKE CHALLENGING CLASSES? - Students that have completed classes such as Algebra 2/Trig., Chemistry, etc.will be better prepared on all of the above testing. Yes, these classes are difficult and take more effort/commitment. In the long run, being better prepared for College/Career is more important than not making Honor Roll or losing your Honor Pass!!! Don't be short sighted! "Let the choices you make today be the choices you can live with tomorrow"!

Gemini (Finger Lakes Community College) college level classes fulfill high school graduation requirements as well as provide an opportunity to earn college credit ("concurrent courses"). To earn college credit, students/parents have to pay for each class. Students can still be in these classes without paying but will not receive college credit from F.L.C.C. These college credits can be transferred to all SUNY community colleges, SUNY four-year colleges and universities, and "most" private colleges. There are some private, four-year colleges that will not accept these courses (Examples - Cornell, U. of R., Hobart & William Smith, Hamilton, etc.). See/download eligibility criteria for GEMINI classes below.

                                   LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL

For those planning to enter the world of work/employment:
    1) Research job openings.
   2) Complete a resume.
   3) Find people to be a reference for you.
   4)  Apply for employment.
Help Wanted/Job Openings:

Click link - Yates County Employment & Training - Job Openings

Click link -  Yates County Workforce - Facebook Page

Click link - Yates County Civil Service Portal

Click linkIndeed.com - Job Search Website

For those planning to go to college, IT IS A PROCESS!:
   1) Research & choose colleges of interest.
   2)  Apply to colleges.
   3)  Complete the FAFSA and TAP financial aid forms.
   4)  Apply for scholarships.
   5) Keep grades up & graduate!!!

Click link - ACCUPLACER - College Placement Testing/Practice
   Accuplacer is just ONE program that colleges use to test your ELA & Math abilities.  Your scores will determine what level classes you are ready for when entering college.  If the student does not score high enough, he/she may be required to take remedial classes (Non-credit) before taking college level courses.

Click link - Example (FLCC) - Course Schedule/Registration
     Search for classes based on:
            What days of the week courses are offered.  (I.e. - M W F or T TH)
             Time of class
             By professor
For those joining the military:
   1) Research each of the military branches and their training programs.
   2) Take the ASVAB in November
   3) Talk with recruiters from the military branch(es) you're considering.
   4)  Commit/sign up for military service.
   5)  Keep grades up & graduate!!!

Click link - Register for Selective Service

Click link - Today's Military Website

Click lick - Military Occupations by ASVAB Scores

Two different sources for the occupations with the best job outlook:

  Click link -   Fastest Growing Occupations

  Click link -  Rapid Growth Areas/"Bright" Outlook)

  Click link  -  Hottest Careers by College Degree

      Career/Occupation Search Websites:

Click link -  ONET Career Website

Click link -  Occupational Outlook Handbook website


Video - 4 Skills & 4 Steps to a Successful Career

Video - Success in the New Economy

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